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  I thought I would let you personally know what has been going on with Titan. We did graduate (not pass) the TOUCH therapy (Training Of Unique Canine Helpers) class with an AC2 level. This is Adult/Child level 2, and is the highest ranking we can graduate with. After 6 months of visits we can re-test to AC1 and PAWS for reading. PAWS is a opportunity for kids with speech and reading difficulties to read and visit with a dog. This is their reward and also a non judgmental audience during special classes to improve the reading and speech abilities of the struggling child.
As of right now, Titan is the only Rottweiler that has graduated with an AC2, we received an immediate recommendation to start PAWS and a special invitation to visit AC1/2 facilities. These facilities include special school district and abused children's homes. I have also been told (off the record) that we are top conversation at Support Dogs, Inc. to be the next AC1 team at Children's Hospital after passing our 6 month testing. We have also been invited to assist with new training classes. This is an extreme honor. There are many people involved in approvals at this level and it requires a very special dog. I have that dog. Denny you should be extremely proud of this dog. I realize you produce beautiful, perfect and wonderful show dogs, but this seriously takes a very special type of dog. Most, no matter how beautiful and perfect, would not make it this far.  
Titan has motivated me to continue volunteering with Support Dogs, Inc. and talking with them about employment after I retire from the fire department. I have only been whole heartily attached to one other Rottie and Titan has won me over with 10 times the love and companionship of any other dog. I am so proud to have him that I am tearing up writing this email. Thank you.

I would be honored if you would like to copy this to your website of testimonials. Denny you deserve the recognition of creating a wonderful friend, companion and therapist to so many more people than we could ever imagined.  

  I am not only proud as a Breeder but as a person that likes to see my puppies excel in life, Support Dogs,Inc is a very special and time dedicated program to be a part of, The Support dogs,Inc Program gives back in many ways, At nursing homes as well as schools and children's hospitals.
I would like to thank William and Titan for there dedication to such a cause. I had a dog Myself in Therapy support, I got certified with Therapy Dogs of America.It was very gratifying to myself and Dozer. The smiles on a child's face or a elderly person was all I needed to see, to know it was all worth it
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Today was a visit to the playroom at Children's. It was an extremely important day for me and a couple of kids that I never met. I'm hanging out with Titan and the playroom is really slow. A child comes by with his PT. The family is from Ireland, the child is 9 and is just now learning to walk to do some muscle issues. He really didnt want to do the PT so I put another leash on Titan and we went for a walk. Mom and Dad, "life changing!" little boy "this is so cool!"
Little boy #2 walks down the hall, walks up to Titan, says nothing and hugs him. (for like 5 min) then quietly goes on with his parents. Later the social worker comes back and says "Just want to let you know what a difference these dogs make to the kids." 
Me: "I know, it's really cool."
Her: "that little boy was very sad, he was told about 5 min before he saw Titan that his sister had died." "When he got outside he said Titan made him feel better, because he wanted something soft to hug."
So far, to date, that s the coolest, most touching thing I have ever heard!

Another Tear Jerking Story From Titan And William
I don't have any way to contact Titans owner, but he did mention you as the breeder, and I wanted to thank you both. Hopefully you can pass along our thanks. My 5 year old son Cooper was in Children's this last week with complications from the kidney transplant he had 10 months ago. Long story short, we've had plans for years to purchase a Rottie, but with Coopers medical situation and all the associated bills, the purchase of a quality Rottweiler is not an option. I have wanted Cooper to see the breed up close and this was a great opportunity for him to do so. He did pet Titan a little bit, but he mostly stared and smiled. He smiled so much his dimples had dimples. What's so great about that is that for a few minutes he forgot where he was and he was just happy. William has obviously done an outstanding job in training him, and you have done an outstanding job in your breeding program. Titan is majestic not only in his behavior, but his appearance. He is exactly what a therapy dog and a Rottweiler should be. I want to thank you both for your care and dedication to this cause, it really does make a difference.

Since we have returned home (Near Branson MO), Cooper and Stratten (our other son) have asked a few times about Titan and Rottweilers. He really made impression on all of us. Even my wife has made a few comments on how beautiful and gentle he is. My entire family has spent more time in a hospital in the past 5 years then most do in a lifetime. We've gotten pretty good at coping, but this was an extra special treat for all of us. Who knew something as simple as seeing a dog could have such an impact. Hopefully someday we can welcome a quality dog like Titan into our home.

God bless you and yours.
Tim Hendrix
This Is a letter I got from a Father and his Family After being touched by Titan In Children's Hospital In St. Louis Mo.



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Just a awesome poem to share

Lizzie and Her Best Friend Sylke.
Meet Lizzie and Sylke, These two are like two pea's in a pod, They are always together and love each other very much. They sit next to each other lay and sleep together on the couch. Lizzie has always wanted to be a Veterinarian and taking care of animals just comes second nature. She is a very active kid, the sports and all her school activities keep her busy at school but always finds time for her best friend Sylke.

We would like to think Denny and Vom Grovatts Rottweiler for the incredible puppy.His knowledge of the breed and the information he shared was very helpful, We had her potty trained and crate trained very fast using his methods. The most important thing we found different about him as a breeder was that he offered a 5 yr Guarantee and temperament tested each puppy. We told him what we wanted in a puppy,we told him we had kids and our lifestyle and he said he had the perfect puppy
​We drove to see him and his kennel, Lori his wife met us at the door and took us out to see Denny and the puppies, We asked about the tails n the adults and explain that to us and answered every question I had. Finally the time came where we got to see our puppy, We took a few days to name her. We wanted to see her personality and wanted to match the name with her attitude. We looked at German names and finally decided on the name Sylke. Thanks again for the great puppy, We will be returning customers. I have lots of people tell me she is a beautiful dog ask where I got her. I am very proud to be a Rottweiler owner and Denny is changing the way people see this great loving breed. Thanks again.

We got Gustov "Gus" Vom Keiser Wappen from Tony Keiser the owner of vom Keiser Wappen Rottweilers. Gus is our third rottie. Gus was out of an Eisenhower "Ike" vom Keiser Wappen and Nera vom Keiser Wappen breeding. Understanding the vital importance that genetics and pedigree play, I wanted to reach out to you and personally express my thanks and appreciation to your strong breeding program. As I noted, Gus is out of Nera who was out of your Max Terezsk'y Dvur "Gero" ( Vom Grovatts Rottweilers) and Prissy Vom Keiser Wappen breeding. While Gus is still just a young boy at just 19 months, we are extremely pleased with how nice he is turning out. He is currently working on his CD obedience title. Gus has a perfect rottweiler temperament. He is calm, confident, gentle around people and children yet always keenly aware and attentive to all that is going on around him. He has great drive and an endless willingness to learn and please. We could not have asked for more. As you can see by the photos (taken at 16 months) and the video clip (taken at 19 months), from a confirmation standpoint Gus is growing into a truly beautiful example of the breed with correct size, extremely heavy bone structure, and a very, very strong and beautiful headpiece. At 19 months, he is 105 lbs and as you can see, I keep him pretty lean. I suspect he'll likely end up around 115 lbs by the time he is 3 years old which is right in the sweet spot for the breed standard. He is compact and very solid. His movement is fluid, smooth, almost effortless, with good reach and drive. Gus draws a crowd where ever we take him as his temperament, physical presence and sweet personality is always on full display and it is rewarding to see how impressed people are when they meet him. Dogs like Gus just don't happen and he is a testament to the hard work and dedication that you have put into your breeding program. You should be very proud of your work and dedication to the rottweiler breed.  

Thanks and best wishes for continued success with your program.

This is Gus, He is a Grandson of our Very Popular Stud Dog "Gero" Max Tereszk'y Dvur. The video is at Purina Farms here in Gray Summit Mo located 1 hour outside of St.Louis Mo. The family was watching the Incredible dog challenge later to be shown on the Country music channel. While there they where asked if they could use Gus in the filming for the Country music channel along side on of there host, It was a very cool honor so they agreed to do it. We hope you enjoy watching and seeing the type of dog we offer at Vgrottweilers, Gus has a great temperament and this is accomplished through socialization at a very young age, We are very PROUD to see our puppies excel in life and be looked at as the great breed which is the Rottweiler.  Thanks to Curt Pahl of Euerka Mo for sharing.
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