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About Vom Grovatts Rottweilers
  My name is Denny Pratt. I would like to tell you about myself and how I got started in the rottweiler breeding business. I was introduced to rottweilers through a man I met that was going to school at Tom Rose dog training school ( a very world renown training facility), he later opened "Howie's Happy Dog". He was an absolute believer in Rottweilers.He began my road to dog training. In 1990 I Imported my first rottweiler male, Dozer Vom Gruntenblick. I took him to a Schutzhund 3 multiple times and got a AD,FH,IPO 3 and other working titles such as theraphy dog work and Search and Rescue. But the Retirement homes are where he loved to go and visit the elderly.
  I bred him to a nice import female and kept two of the puppies for myself and put working titles on them. I kept a female out of that litter and found outside males to breed to as I was trying to bring the best German Rottweiler blood to my breeding program.

Vom Grovatts started from this breeding and I have been breeding since. I have been improving my breeding program with every breeding. I have very nice females and thought it was now time I made my own blood line that is why I imported Max Terezsk'y Dvur "Gero" from the Czech Republic in early 2010. He is going to be my foundation male that I use to make my kennel even better. I love what he brings to the bloodline, a very nice head and the correct breed standard in which I am trying to improve upon. He is a large male at 67cm (breed standard being 68 cm). His dark eye and mouth pigment make him a very good stud to improve any kennel. For these reasons this is why I brought him into the country. He is a Grandson of the very famous Gonzzo Earl Antonius.

The females in my breeding program have a more masculine look to them, bigger heads, wider muzzles and better stops. This is the look I prefer.

My program is based on producing the best family, breeding,work or sport puppies possible. I temperament test them at 7 weeks old to determine what is the best placement for the puppy. They go through a series of different test to determine their own unique personality. Within these test I see many things I am looking for, a high forgiveness level for the kid friendly dog that will be around very little to young children in the home or in a family planning to have kids in the future, why is this important. Because we know kids don't put up their toys or that they will pull on ears or poke the puppy, we want a puppy to forgive the child for this, not retaliate by growling or bite at the child.

 A Working /Sport puppy from my kennel will have imprinting for toys and ball play, this helps build the drives in the puppy that will later help in the training and showing of the dog at a older age. A show or breeding female/male must have no faults to the breed standard.

If you are interested in a Puppy from my Breeding Program, I would like to know more about your needs for the puppy, this will help me pick the puppy best suited for your home, again this has to be done to ensure a proper integration with puppy and the new home. I would like to know if you have kids, other pets, or plan to travel with your pet. The more information you give, the better I can evaluate each individual puppy to fit it's new home. This also helps back up our 5 year Guarantee on Temperament.

We offer a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE on hips, elbows and temperament. I don't know of another breeder of rottweilers or any other breed that offer this in the United states. I am able to do this because I believe in my breeding program and I want you too as well. You can read more about this in my contract

I take PayPal as payment or a US Postal Money Order. First I will need to have you print out 2 copies of the contract if you're paying by Money Order And send them in an Express Envelope through the Post Office with a Postal Money Order. An Express Envelope gives you a tracking number and I have to sign for it when it gets here, just extra protection.The reason for 2 copies is, you will fill out both copies and sign them I will in return, sign one and send it back to you, this way I have your signature and you have mine so I can uphold the 5 yr Guarantee. If you want to pay by PayPal and don't have or want to get a PayPal account that is ok, I am a business which means I can send you an Ebill from me to you and all you have to do is fill in all information asked (it is a secure site) then they will send the money to me. All I will need is your email address, as for the contract, we would just use the United States Postal service mail to receive them.

                      Please Feel Free to Contact Us with any Questions you may have... Please send emails to                                         vgrottweilers@gmail.com  or by phone at 636-290-6999..We are Located in  Morrison, Mo 65061
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We offer a 5 Year Guarantee on all our Purebred German Rottweiler Puppies. Lifetime phone consultation on all puppies sold.
WHY Get a Purebred German Rottweiler Puppy from Vgrotteilers?
A puppy can be an excellent addition to any household. The right puppy, when paired with a loving owner, can make a wonderful family member that will help add company and warm to any home.

If you are considering buying a Rottweiler puppy, contact VG Rottweilers. At VG Rottweilers we offer German Rottweiler puppies for sale to all areas of the country and abroad. Our puppies are raised by hand at home in our Missouri home in a loving household where they are carefully natured, gently played with and guided as they grow up in a safe environment. We aim to bring up puppies that will be ideal for any dog lover.

Here at VG Rotweilers, we recognize that people and puppies are individuals. Our aim is to match the right puppy with the right person. We know that our customers want great German genetics, dogs with big heads, pleasant and amenable temperaments and animals that have protective instincts. We know our customers are looking for an overall wonderful family pet or companion. We want to provide them with the puppy that will fulfill all of their needs.
Our Guarantee
We offer animals for sale that have been extensively tested. We temperament test all puppies carefully before we place them in their new homes. This kind of thoughtful testing ensures that the puppy will have the proper placement to the family and will meet an individuals needs. We also provide any potential owners with a unique guarantee that is rarely provided by most breeders. We provide an unheard of five year guarantee. This means that we guarantee that our puppies will be covered for genetic and inherited health issues for five years. We also offer all of our buyers lifetime breeder support by phone and email. Buyers can contact us directly about any issues they have after bringing one of our puppies into there home, interaction with all family members, teaching the puppies to obey simple commands and any behavioral situations that come up, Such as chewing, biting and unwanted issues.
Additional Services
At VG Rottweilers we offer several services as well as puppies for sale. Many times we offer youth dogs for sale that make ideal companions for those who prefer a slightly older dog. A youth dog can make an excellent companion animal for someone who prefers to adopt an older animal that can be easier to work with than a puppy. We also work to help improve the Rottweiler breed. As a result, we offer stud service for carefully screened dogs. Someone seeking our stud services will know that we offer only the finest animals for breeding stock . When you work with us, you are getting a proven stud animal that as been shown to sire the finest possible Rottweiler puppies. We also ship frozen semen all over the country. You can buy our frozen semen to help breed your own fine quality Rottweiler puppies. Our puppies are available locally. They can also be shipped worldwide to any location you have in mind.
How we got Started
Ory Vom Grovatts
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        We are located In Morrison, Mo 65061  We  Are About 30 min from Hwy 70 at Exit 175 Towards Hermann, Mo 

​                                                  Fun things to do while coming to me us and pick up your puppy.

We have a lot of Restaurant's to eat at and several Wineries to visit and sample some of our local flavors. We have many historical sites to see and you can even take a tour of the city in a trolley. And you can even stay in one of the many Bread and Breakfast we have in town. The Hermann Haus and Harbor Haus are just a few of our favorites, 

We also have many shops you can find very nice items to take home, Time for Memories,Sugar Momma's, Antiques unlimited and Back home again are just a few we like to visit. 

Activities--St. Louis Zoo--St. Louis Arch--Busch Stadium home of St. Louis Cardinals--Botanical Garden--Anheuser Busch Brewery--Delmar Loop--Soulard Market--City Museum--Multiple gaming casino's.

Ory Vom Grovatts
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